Top Five Roses

Top Five Roses For...

Picking the best rose or roses in a catagory can be a difficult and subjective choice. What draws me to one rose might be the very thing that puts you off.

So we will try to keep the lists less of a personal opinion, and try to stick to facts (if we can). For example…

Regardless of your personal opinions, there is little doubt that a small growth habit is an important requirement for a patio, or container rose. Rosa Banksia just won’t do, no matter how much you like it. 

Feel free to disagree, we could have easily extended our lists by a factor of 5, so if you have any roses that you think should have been included, please do mention those in the comments of each page. Have fun browsing (and probably disagreeing) with our choices – hopefully you find at least something that will work in your garden.

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