The “official” version of Scentasia gives the color as light yellow to white. However, every specimen that I have seen has been white, with a yellow center, as seen in the accompanying photo. Also listed as “moderate fragrance”…again, this is at odds with my experience. I have found it to be quite strongly perfumed. Perhaps … Read moreScentasia

Sylvia, A Kordes Hybrid Tea

Sylvia, a H.T rose bred by Kordes. Perhaps a little tender in the colder zones, though it will be fine with proper winter coverings and freeze protection. Mild scent with large full blooms. I have seen this decribed as “salmon pink” but the image on this page gives a truer representation of the actual color, … Read moreSylvia, A Kordes Hybrid Tea

Burgundy Iceberg

Burgundy Iceberg, a sport of the parent plant that was discovered in Australia in 1998. Other than the color, it’s pretty well identical in form and habit to the original plant. Burgundy Iceberg While the White Iceberg has never been one of my favorite roses, I do have to admire the unusual color of this particular variety. … Read moreBurgundy Iceberg