Sylvia, a pink H.T
Sylvia, a pink H.T

Sylvia, a H.T rose bred by Kordes. Perhaps a little tender in the colder zones, though it will be fine with proper winter coverings and freeze protection. Mild scent with large full blooms.

I have seen this decribed as “salmon pink” but the image on this page gives a truer representation of the actual color, which is more a mid pink. Much paler than salmon.

Flowers are large, fully double and are mildly scented. Leaves are dark and glossy (as a rose should be!) and it has a medium growth habit. Expect it to reach about 1 meter (3 feet) or a little more. This would make a wonderful cut flower especially the younger buds that are not yet fully open.

  • Class: Hybrid Tea
  • Origin: Kordes, 1979
  • Habit: Small shrub
  • Blooms: Large double, pointed buds. Little fragrace, and will flower in flushes
  • Parentage: Carina x seedling