Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden

The Trevor Griffiths rose garden is possibly the southern hemispheres largest collection of old roses, with around 1200 plants.

It features many of David Austins English rose varieties….including “City Of Timaru”, which was named specifically for this garden.

Every year in November, Timaru hosts the Festival Of The Roses which attracts visitors from around the world.


The attraction of this garden (for me at least) is the location. Right on Caroline Bay, you have the beach only a 2 minute stroll away, with the Piazza and cafes above. If you have ever considered coming to Timaru during rose season, I strongly urge you to make the effort during the Festival Of The Roses, which is always held during the month of November. As long as the weather plays nice, I can’t think of a better way to spend a few days.

November is peak season for roses in South Canterbury, that’s why they hold the festival then. The weather is generally settled, and you also have the opportunity to do some private garden walks. There are also stalls set up (120 at last count!) with everything from rose related products to food, trinkets, crafts, jewellery etc.