Rose Gardens Around The World

Don’t you just love wandering around an unfamiliar rose garden, in high summer? A riot of colors and scents, and new rose varieties to admire and photograph. I always take my digital camera, you just never know when the “perfect” shot will present itself.

Often, the smaller and relatively unknown gardens are more enjoyable that the larger city gardens. Less people for a start. True, there is generally a smaller collection of roses, but that is not always the case.

Take a look at the gardens presented here. Some of them might be from small towns and cities, but don’t let that fool you – they still have much to offer the rose enthusiast.

Weribbe rose garden, near Melbourne
Weribbe rose garden, near Melbourne

Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden, Timaru, New Zealand

Located at Caroline Bay, Timaru, this is a favorite haunt during the summer months. It’s full of David Austin English roses. See the Trevor Griffiths Rose garden

Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

Located near the Murray river, and the NSW southern border, is the “Australian Inland Botanic Gardens”. Definitely worth a look, if you happen to be in that area.

See the AIBG


The Portland Rose Garden

The city of roses has a massive test garden that has hundreds of varieties. I visited there in June 2011.

International Rose Test Garden A follow up visit to Portland in July 2012, with more pictures.


Missouri Botanical Garden A really great garden in St. Louis. They have great roses, Japenese, fruit, herbs, and many other types of plants.

Chicago Flower Show

Chicago Flower and Garden Show Not a garden, but it’s an annual show in Chicago that shows many interesting types of gardens and flowers.