Rose Petals: Silk, Fresh or Freeze Dried?

Rose Petals

If you are thinking of getting rose petals for your wedding, then you first consideration is which type to have… silk fresh or freeze dried? There are pros and cons to all three choices, so let’s look at what’s going to be the most suitable for your event.

Note that we do not sell rose petals, and if we make any recommendations as to where to purchase, then that is done purely as a service to you: we don’t get any commissions or considerations. for doing that.

Silk Petals?

One choice is silk or artifical. But… these can be slightly more expensive and they just don’t have the same effect as real petals. Perhaps keep those for things like rose corsages or boutonnieres. Of course there might be times you really feel silk petals are required (perhaps specified by the venue, or you absolutely need blue petals to match your theme).

I checked the cost of these in my local area (NW Victoria, Australia) and a packet of 400 petals is around au$40. So, not cheap when you compare bulk buying at I saw bags of 4000 silk petals (in a rage of color choices) for under us$6. I can’t speak for the quality, but the price certainly looked tempting! Here is that amazon page if you want to check that out for yourself (that is not an affiliate link!)

Fresh Vs Freeze Dried


Pros: Nothing quite matches up to fresh rose petals. The feel, the scent, and the look of them says “romance”: if cost is not an option, and if you can locate a supplier that will guarantee delivery two-three days before your wedding, then this is the way to go.

Cons: Price is the #1 factor here, they could cost perhaps 3x as much as the equivalent amount of freeze dried petals. There is also the seasonality to consider. If you are planning a winter wedding, then fresh is not going to be available. You need to keep these refrigerated and use them within 2-3 days.


Freeze Dried

Pros: You get a lot more petals for your money. Not to mention you can order and store these well ahead of time, they won’t wilt or go off, unlike fresh. They are also available in non natural dyed colors, so you have more scope with your color scheme (block rose petals anyone?)

Cons: They just don’t have the same romantic feel as fresh, and they also tend to be scentless. However, you could mist them with a little rose oil to give them some fragrance. You can also rehydrate them to some degree, by leaving them in a steamy bathroom for 20 min. Don’t overdo it, just enough to get a bit of texture and feel back into them.

Why Such a Big Price Difference?

You might suppose that all the extra work involved in freeze drying rose petals would make them more expensive than fresh. After all, freeze dried ones are fresh when first picked, and then have to go through a long process (2 weeks) to get them dried.

But there are in fact more costs involved with fresh than you might think. For a start, they cannot be prepared before hand. Petals begin to wilt as soon as they are picked, so you order can’t be done ahead of time and put aside for shipping a week or more in advance.

There is also the extra costs with couriers to deliver your petals. A reputable company will probably use overnight couriers with chiller packs, which of course increases the price you pay. Freeze dried on the other hand don’t have to be chilled, or sent special delivery.

Finally, let’s not forget one other important factor: supply and demand. As these are only available during the peak of the growing season, availability is limited. That is naturally refected in the price.

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