Rose Oil

It’s been a long day. You got up early and hit the ground running. Between kids and husband and bosses and traffic, the demands are never ending. The hectic pace of modern life never ceases. It seems the only time you for you, is the time you spend in the tub lingering over the pages of a good book. You step into your steaming bath in anticipation of the warmth that will calm your frazzled nerves and ease the tension from your limbs. It’s a beautiful, long-awaited moment, but something is lacking: the use of rose oil to make it complete.

Rose oil bottles

Rose oil is an ages old elixir that has been sought after by kings and arduously produced for millennia. It is a sumptuous essential oil that is difficult and labor-intensive to produce. In fact, it can require as much as 100,000 blossoms to produce one ounce of this precious liquid and is made from handpicked blooms in the early morning and distilled the same day. Its not entirely wasted as the water can also be useful in health and beauty.

Different extraction methods may be used. Distillation produces Rose Otto or Attar of Roses and is the most expensive method. Chemical or solvent extraction produces Rose Absolute, which is used in rose perfume, cosmetics and aromatherapy products. Attar of Roses originated in Persia using Damask roses and is found in luxury products. You can also get extracts from rose geranium plants.

Today, however, you are about to sink into a steaming tub and we’re determined to help you in your quest for relaxation and rejuvenation. After all, your family is counting on you. One thing you might try is to mix a drop of rose oil with other sweet oils like almond or jojoba and drizzle it in your aromatherapy diffuser, or, recruit your man to give you that much-needed massage using, a warmth of your tincture. It has been known to lead to some very interesting, romantic results.

Which leads me to this: It is known for its romantic or aphrodisiacal qualities. But did you know it can also be used on the skin to reduce inflammation, repair broken capillaries or as a moisturizer? While it calms jangled nerves and elevates mood, it is also used to aid digestion and to ward off heart disease. Rose oil is as amazing as it is sensuous.