Rose Fragrance And Scent

Fragrant roses are a key reason many of us put up a garden to begin with. Of course, they look nice especially when bloomed, but the scent is something that is truly memorable.

Unfortunately, scent has taken a backseat in recent years, with breeders concetrating more on color and form. Breeders were more focused on bigger blooms and disease resistance. I have heard it said that the funeral industry wanted less scented blooms for their ceremonies, so as not to be a distraction. How true that is, I don’t know. Nowadays, its tough to get a real scented rose from your local florist. You really need to get out into a garden.

Here are some of the top scented roses out there today:

Damask: these are popular for perfumes and fragrances, and for good reason. They are very highly scented!

Memorial Day: It’s a VERY fragrant hybrid tea breed.

Double Delight: a hybrid tea rose with a sweet, spicy rose fragrance. Zones 5-9.

Gertrude Jekyll: an English rose with a nice old traditional rose scent

Rugosa: Actually, many of the wild roses have a great scent, the rugosa being no exception

Perfume Delight: The name says it all.

While big blooms are always a nice feature in your garden, don’t forget about adding in some of these beautiful fragrant roses as well.

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