Purple Roses

Burgundy Iceberg
Burgundy Iceberg

Purple roses are the one of the most beautiful varieties available. The addition of these majestic plants to your garden or to any flower decoration will add a mystic touch to it. They are a symbol of enchantment and is given to show the feeling of love at first sight. Their deep color can also help convey a feeling of majesty or royalty. They have become extremely popular for Valentine’s Day and their meaning can be very romantic.

Purple roses are available in varied shades such as lavender, lilac, violet, burgundy, mauve, light purple and dark purple. If you’re thinking about giving them for a gift, romantic occassion, or other situations, its important to know their significance. They can signify all of the following:

  • Enchantment
  • Mystery
  • Opulence
  • Glory
  • Majesty
  • Dreams
  • Magic
  • Royalty

Historically, purple colors would be on royal materials, such as capes, linens and official documents. It would be a symbol of the king and queen. It was also associated with magicians and sorcerors. and their robes would often be dark colors. Purple has often been associated with dreams and sleep as well, which has been a mysterious and not well understood area of the mind. These meanings have passed down through the ages to be associated with roses as well.


Dark Purple Roses:

Midnight Blue: This is mauve or mauve blend shrub. First bred by Tom Carruth in the year 2004, the rose was introduced in United States in 2005 by Weeks Wholesale Rose Grower Inc. The rose bears strong clove fragrance. The bloom size is small to medium with 15-25 petals and the average diameter being 2.75 inches. The rose shrub produces blooms throughout the season. It looks beautiful in any type plantation. Midnight Blue rose is hardy for USDA zone 6b to 9b.

Ebb Tide: This is a deep smoky purple floribunda rose. Ebb Tide is the most ravishing of the deepest purple color roses available. The rose was hybridized by Carruth in the year 2006.The bloom size of the Ebb Tide rose is big with more than 35 petals. The rose bears a strong clove fragrance and opens up in a classic fully double bloom. The rose is very hardy to the zones 4 to 9 and requires full sun to thrive well.

Lavender Roses

Neptune: This is an exotic mauve or mauve blend hybrid tea rose with the hues of purple. The rose was bred by Tom Carruth in 2003, and was introduced in US markets in 2005. The blooms of the rose are medium sized with 25 to 40 petals. It possesses a strong sweet scent of a typical rose. Each stem bears single blooms thus make it an excellent cut flower. The blooms flush throughout the season. Neptune is hardy for USDA zone 6b to 9b.

Angel Face:  This is a lavender color floribunda. The rose was bred by Swim and Weeks in the year 1968. The bloom size is small to medium with 25 to 40 petals. This lively rose exhibits remarkably citrus scent. The bloom appears in clusters and is profuse throughout the season. The flower is high centered opens up beautifully in ruffled form. Angel face is highly resistant to diseases and does not require much pruning. It is hardy for USDA zones: 5a to 10b.

Mauve Blend Purple Roses:

Intrigue: Classified as mauve, but can go from red to purple. Awesome scent.

Burgundy Iceberg: This is a deep mauve floribunda rose with dark red stamens and anthers. First hybrid by Edgar Norman Swane in the year 1998, the rose was introduced in United States only in 2007 by Edmund’s roses. The bloom size is big with 30–40 petals and 3.75 inches in diameter. The plant has prolific blooms and is hardy to USDA zones 6b to 9b.

Wild Blue Yonder: This is an eye-captivating mauve rose with inner tones of lavender. It belongs to both classes of grandiflora and floribundas. It was hybridized by Tom Carruth in the year 2004. This mauve blend rose opens up in the ruffled form with a medium to large bloom size. The bloom is double with average of 25 to 30 petals. The fragrance is strong and spicy. The blooms appear repeatedly throughout the season. Wild blue Yonder is hardy for USDA zones 5a to 9b.