Propogating Roses

Propagating And Growing Roses

Propagating your own roses is a very rewarding and satisfying hobby. The feeling you get when that new rose that you grew from seed begins to open its first bud…..well, you have to try it to know what I mean.

Ever since I first became interested in roses, I have been trying my best to not only grow them, but to take cutting, bud them and hybridize them (with varying results).

There is something very satisfying about taking a cutting and nurturing it into a brand new bush. Not to mention the cost factor. Find some winter prunings, and there is perhaps 50 new plants just waiting for you to create them! And at $20 or more per plant at the nursery, that’s a massive saving.

Growing your own from seed is even more rewarding. It;s a special feeling producing a brand new “never before seen” variety, that just can’t be put into words.


Below are some of our pages that will help you on your journey to propagating roses. Have fun!

Rose Cuttings

A rose cutting with buds

I have always had somewhere around a 90% success rate with rose cuttings. Here is my method for getting a good strike rate.

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Rose Budding

securing the budThis doesn’t have to be reserved for professionals. A few hints on how to bud your own.

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Grow Roses From Seed

This is a fascinating, and very rewarding way to grow roses. You just never know what you’re going to get!

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Predicting Rose Seedling Colors

Rose seedling color prediction chartA handy chart that helps you predict what colors you will get in your rose crosses. A “must read” for anyone interested in hybridizing roses.

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