Balsam Peru Potpourri Fixative

Balsam Peru is collected from wild trees along the ‘Balsam Coast’ of El Salvador. It has a rich, vanilla-like scent with outstanding staying power. Used as a component in soaps, detergents, creams, lotions and perfumes, it is non-toxic and non-irritating and is one of the best fixatives. 

Remember that a fixative is something used in potpourri to eliminate evaporation, preserve and prolong the fragrance of your potpourri blends. It can also be added as a nice addition to soothing skin creams and blends nicely with spicy, floral, Oriental and balsamic scents.

Image of the Balsam Peru plant

This fragrance blends well with ylang-ylang, patchouli, petigrain, sandalwood, rose, spices, floral and oriental bases. Essential and resin oils are volatile, fragrant materials extracted from the root, bark, wood, seed, fruit, leaf or flower of a single plant. Essential oils contain the odor, taste and medicinal properties of the plant itself, but in very concentrated form, with no base oil, alcohol, water or dilutants added. Steam distillation and cold pressing are used to extract the essential oil from the plant.

Its aromatherapy benefits include anchoring and strengthening. Balsam of Peru is warm and aromatic and has been used as a stimulant, expectorant, parasiticide, asthma, bronchitis, nervous tension, stress, rashes, eczema. It stimulates the heart, increases blood pressure, and lessons mucus secretions. It’s useful for respiratory disorders such as asthma chronic coughs and bronchitis.

One product I recommend for potpourri supplies is Aura Cacia Balsam Peru essential oil. The distillation process occurs either at the site where the plants are grown or at a distillery. It is tested for purity and strength and packaged in glass amber bottles to preserve the oil. Essential oils are very potent and should always be used sparingly so this delightful fixative will last you. Beside use as a fixative in potpourri, this pure essential oil is suitable for use in aromatherapy, cosmetic preparation, healing and body care. Balsam peru is a great addition to your potpourri supplies.


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