Playboy Rose

The Playboy rose can be a stunning addition to your garden. It’s considered one of the most beautiful of the multi-colored orange flowered roses.

It is fascinating to see flowers with more than one color, which was precisely what the creators of the Playboy had in mind. Ensuing from a long line of rose growers and creators, a UK based company named Crocker experimented with bi-color roses in the 1970s. The experiments searched for a blend of orange and red hues which resulted in the Playboy in 1976.

The Playboy is of the floribunda class of roses giving it the multiple blossoming characteristics of Polyantha whilst having a larger blossom size and the vibrant color range of hybrid tea roses. Just over a decade after its creation, it won the Portland gold medal in 1989.

Playboy rose
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The main attraction of the Playboy rose is its duel or one might even call “triple” shades of color. A mixture of orange and yellow highlighted by a red hue color the petals of this spectacular flower. Next up in it’s “attraction arsenal” are the quite unique petals – semi double petals. They appear to be in two sets but a closer inspection would reveal that they are formed in an unorthodox adjacent manner. The petal edge is not smooth but resembles a wave in shape. A golden yellow stamen sits in the middle of every blossom, and on average a blossom measures around 3.5 inches across.

In comparison to other types of roses, the its petals hold the orange color significantly well, and fall off cleanly when the blossoms fade. The plant blooms from beautiful pointed buds in clusters of blossoms that have a faint but pleasant fragrance. The foliage is dark green, looking almost polished; it provides an excellent highlighting medium for the colorful blossoms and covers the rather slightly thorny canes well.

The playboy rose’s blossoms change color from shades of yellow and orange in the initial stages of bloom and onto a deeper red hue as time goes by and the flower ages. Gardeners love this fantastic rose plant not only for its show, but also for its hardiness. Its significantly disease resistant and tolerates the shade extremely well. The plant grows in the form of shrubs that reach heights around 3 to 4 ft and is ideal as a border or hedge. The plant is best grown in warm climates allowing for the blossoms to give optimum colors.