Pink Roses

Pink roses are one of the more popular colors. They are not as romantic as the reds, but they have a charm all of their own.

The shades vary from the aptly named “Brilliant Pink Iceberg” through to the subtlety of “Nancy Steen” . Combined with white and red they can be a great look for Mother’s Day roses.

Sylvia, a pink H.T
Sylvia, a pink H.T

Pink roses have never been my favorites, although they certainly they have a place in every rose garden. If I was to pick one pink rose, and only one, it would probably be Constance Spry, with Nancy Steen and the flamboyant Betty Boop a very close second. The Fairy rose is a nice pink polyantha bush, great for borders. The Gertrude Jekyll rose is a favorite as well, coming from the David Austin group. It also happens to be one of the very best roses as far as fragrance goes.

Pink roses symbolize:

  • Elegance, style, and poetic romance.
  • Sweet thoughts and thank yous.
  • joy and grace.