Peach And Apricot Roses

Apricot colored rose

Not quite orange not quite pink, these can make a lovely addition to your garden. They add warmth and contrast nicely with reds. Many of the English roses fall into this color catagory, as well as some of the noisettes. Just look at Crepescule, a perfect example.

Crepescule rose flower
Apricot tones of Crepescule

We have an unknown variety in our back garden (not the one pictured above) and as the light begins to fade in the evening, it almost seems to glow.  The garden was already planted before we arrived, and while I’m fairly sure most of the roses predate the 1970’s unfortunately very few of them had their name tags attached. I would love to know what it is… coloring and flower is very similar to Just Joey. Flower is slightly larger (at least 6″ across) and flowers are in groups of 3-5. Anyone with any ideas do let me know! I suspect it is a Grandiflora… not only does it have multiple blooms per stem, it grows about 2.5m ( 6-7′) tall.