Peace Rose

History: The Peace Rose… one of the most successful and popular roses in history. The rose was bred by Francis Meilland in France before 1939, and introduced in the United States by Cornard Pyle in 1945. The originator of the rose Mieilland contacted Field Marshall Alan Brook who played a major role in the Second World War for the liberation of France. Meilland expressed her wish to Alan Brook to grant his name to the rose. Alan refused and recommended the name of this rose should be Peace. It was on 29th April 1945 that the name Peace was publicly announced.

Peace rose


  • Color: Yellow with pink/red blend on the petal edges
  • Size: Blooms, up to 6″, and bush will grow to 6′ tall by 4′ wide
  • Fragrance: Mild
  • Repeat: Should bloom spring to fall with repeats throughout the season

Peace is highly resistant to disease such as blackspots and mildews. The stems of the rose are moderately thorny. For best growth it should get full sunlight however it does survive in the partial shade. Of course, proper watering and well drained soil will help it to thrive as well. The winter hardiness of this rose is not very good, however. It is ideal to grow the Peace rose in USDA zones 5b and warmer.

Another popular variety that is available is the Climbing Peace Rose. This can be trained up to a height of 8-10′.