Origami Rose

An origami rose can be an interesting way to show your affection for someone, or even add some flavor to your home with some unique decorations.

The word is actually two Japanese words put together "ori", meaning fold, and "kami", meaning paper. In translation this last word was changed to "gami". This art is definitely something that takes a decent amount of dexterity to master, something that I definitely struggle with! On nice thing about this hobby is that it requires nothing but the paper. A 6 by 6 standard square is usually recommended, although some experts recommend something bigger for beginners, like 7 x 7 inches or even 8 x 8. If you have bigger hands the bigger sizes may be better starting off. You'll just end up with a bigger rose!

In addition to roses, you can also do cubes, a Kawasaki rose, and other flower creations. You could make a whole garden! Find out more about other creations you can do with paper.

Its tough to lay out step by step instructions on how to fold an origami rose. The best resources are books or videos. A good one is below:







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