Organic Rose Gardening

Organic Gardening With Roses

Why wouldn’t you embrace the concept of going organic in your garden? Not just with roses. Sure, you might have to put a bit more thought into how you deal with pests and disease, but the rewards will far exceed the extra work.

Roses in our garden
Our garden is a riot of color, all without the use of toxic chemicals

How We Get By Using Only Natural Organic Gardening Methods

Look at the image above, those roses are beautiful, right? Masses of colorful blooms, and we do that without the use of any toxic “non organic” chemicals. How? Well, here is the list of what we use in our garden (not only for roses, but veges, fruit trees, and ornamentals).

For Fertilizer

  • Home-made compost
  • Blood and Bone
  • Rooster Booster
  • Dried and aged chicken manure from our coop
  • Seasol seaweed extract

For Pests and Disease

  • Handpicking of caterpillars, weevils and other grubs
  • Torch patrols of the garden at night for slugs and snails
  • Pine needles for mulch around seedlings to keep snails away
  • Garlic water spray for foliage
  • Milk and water spray for mildue type disease (our zuccinis love this!)
  • Neem oil spray if we need to


As you can see, the list is fairly simple, we just don’t find the need to use toxic chemicals in our garden. Yes, we have to work a little harder with things like weed control, but a good mulch helps with that. We use pine needles, chopped sugar cane mulch, grass clippings, plus a bit of old fashioned elbow grease to remove the stubborn ones.

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I have to admit – there was a time when we didn’t really consider whether we were damaging the environment, or if we were even damaging ourselves, with all the sprays and chemicals we used in the garden.

How we used to think: Need to keep the weeds down around the paths? Simple, mix up some roundup! Got blackspot on the roses? OK, mix up some Yates Shield. 

How we think now: Weeds getting a bit out of control? Tip some boiling water on them, or hoe them out. Blackspot on the roses? We don’t want to kill the bees, so let’s pick off and destroy the infected leaves, and treat the bush with a baking soda spray. If things start to get really bad, we can use neem oil (natural, and extremely effective).