John Cabot Rose

John Cabot roseThe John Cabot rose is one of the most popular Explorer varieties.  If you’re in a cold climate and want a nice looking small shrub/climber, it’s a good choice.

It was originally launched in Canada in the late 1970s as one of the first groups of Explorers and has slowly gained favor over the years and has become popular south of the border.

Some people call the color fuchsia, I lean more toward a magenta, but it’s a very nice looking shrub regardless.  Nicely perfumed,  it can grow up to 6 feet, but this is normally seen in a more warmer climate.  A cooler area with a shorter growing season may see shorter heights.   In most areas, especially cool zones, you’ll get a nice flush of flowers in early summer and then some sporadic blooming the rest of the summer, not as big as that first bloom.

As a Canadian breed, its good to go all the way down to zone 3 US. This is approximately equivalent to Canadian zone 4.  As said above though, don’t expect huge growth if you’re up in the northern provinces.  In warmer areas, it can grow vigorous enough where it can be used as a small climber.  I’ve seen where its been used on arches and trellises to great effect.   

It has all the good qualities of the Explorer series.  It’s quite tough against blackspot and pests.  It will handle tough soil and watering conditions as well.  It is hardy but it does best with an adequate supply of water and a good sunny spot, although it can potentially handle a partially shady spot as well.  It also can do well in higher mountain altitudes.