This is surely one of the best known roses on the planet. Perhaps only surpassed by “Peace” It’s certainly one of my favorite white roses – I have seen some spectacular specimens of over 30′ grown up the sides of houses, and they really are breathtaking.

We have a large climbing Iceberg in our back garden. It’s the one in the picture, and as I write this, I can see it from my office window. During October (spring in the southern hemisphere)it was an absolute mass of perfectly formed white flowers. The scent is not strong with Iceberg, although it does have a light fruity fragrance.

Ruffled bloom of Iceberg
Ruffled bloom of Iceberg
Roses in my garden
Another view of our climbing iceberg (top right side)
  • Class: Floribunda, Climber
  • Availability: Commercially available
  • aka: Climbing Iceberg
  • Origin: Bred in United Kingdom (1968) by Cant
  • Bloom: White, near white
  • Habit: Climbing growth habit. Height of 8′ to 15′ (245 to 455 cm)
  • Growing: Zone 4 thru 9
  • Parentage:Sport of Iceberg (floribunda, Kordes 1958)