Golden Celebration English Rose

A nice pale yellow English shrub rose. With a good fragrance, it prefers a warmer drier climate and is a little bit frost tender.

Golden Celebration rose

You may also see this labeled as the Ausgold.  It was first released by David Austin in the early 1990s.  Its parents are the great Abraham Darby and the Charles Austin.

The main features of this are the nice fragrance and light yellow color.  It’s not an eye popping yellow but rather more muted.  It’s a nice shrub that goes well as a border or in the back of the garden.  I prefer a brighter yellow but sometimes you need a little quiet in your garden. Lots of people like this over the more popular Graham Thomas, also from David Austin.  I prefer the G.T myself but this one does seem to have larger blossoms. It also has a delicious scent. I’ve heard that it can also work as a climber as well, although I haven’t seen this yet.

Unfortunately, this breed does tend to be susceptible to blackspot. It’s probably best avoided if you are in a rainy or constantly damp area. Also, although it’s rated for zones 5-10, it does need winter protection. It can get up to 6 feet tall but it also tends to grow wide so it needs a good amount of space. One advantage to it is that it can grow even in partial shade, so it may be a good option for those hard-to-plant areas. Sun or not, expect a couple of seasons before you’ll really see the blooms on these, especially if you’ve planted bare root roses.