Fourth Of July Rose

I find this rose just a little overpowering. Yes, it’s bright and colorful, and there is little doubt that it’s very attractive in the right setting. But… it just seems too flamboyant somehow.

Fourth of July rose
4th of July - bold, brassy and extremely eye catching

About 4th of July Rose

The Fourth of July rose is a rather elegant red and white semi double striped rose with golden stamens. It’s classed as a modern climber and was introduced in 1999, the same year that it won the AARS award. Parentage is Altissimo x Roller Coaster, introduced by Carruth.


Fourth of July roses make an excellent climber that can easily attain the height of 12 to 14 feet at full maturity. You’ll know this plant from the big sized semi-double blooms. The petals are velvety and ruffled, and petal count in each bloom is usually between 10 to 14. Blooms are long lasting and they are repeat throughout the season, with peak flowering late spring or early summer. The leaves of the plant are dark green in color which provides a beautiful contrast with the color of the rose.