Fire And Ice Grandiflora

The Fire and Ice Rose is an elegant grandiflora. It’s so named because of the combination white and red blended colors. It is a wonderful cut flower, making them a florist favorite, although it has a minimal fragrance.

Beautiful blend of red and white
Beautiful blend of red and white

This was first bred by Jack E. Christensen and Carruth in United States in the year 1987 and was introduced by Armstrong roses in United States as Fire ‘n’ Ice Rose. It was the gold award winner at Australian Rose Trail Garden. It was created by the hybridizing of Bluhwunder and Love. 

Bluhwunder is a floribunda rose bred by Kordes in 1970 and Love is a hybrid by Warriner in 1980. The rose was especially bred with the purpose of fresh cut flower trading and for florist business. Fire and Ice rose is also known as AROfiric.

Fire and Ice is a bicolor rose with soft tones of white on the inner side of the petals and bright red cherry color caressing the tip of the petals. This rose is an exuberant beauty that can add a romantic charm to any centerpieces and bouquets meant for special occasions. The blooms of the flower are medium to large in size with around 35 to 40 petals in each bloom. The bloom of the rose is high centered and fully double. It bears light fragrance which adds to the grace of the rose. It is a long stemmed flower with exotic looks therefore best serves the purpose as a fresh cut rose and is widely used by the florist world over. The blooms appear singly on each stem and are repeated throughout the season.