Dublin Bay

Dublin Bay, Fantastic Climbing Red Rose

Dublin Bay really is a great climbing rose. Very hardy, and it’s a true red rose…not like some of the washed out varieties that you see. It’s lightly perfumed with a repeat flowering later in the season.

One thing that I like about Dublin Bay – it’s not prone to the black discoloration on the petals, that you often see on darker red roses.

This is a distant relative of “New Dawn”, which is a lovely pale pink rose, and a firm favorite of mine (one of Altisimos’ parents was New Dawn).

Back in 2010, I took about a dozen cutting of Dubin Bay. Every one of them struck, and today these are in friends gardens, all doing well. So it really is a good strong healthy rose that is easy to propogate with cuttings.

Dublin Bay
Dublin Bay
  • Class: Floribunda, Cl., Large-Flowered Climber.
  • Availability: Commercially available
  • Origin: 1975 by Samual Darragh McGredy IV.
  • Bloom: Medium red blooms. Mild fragrance. Blooms in flushes throughout the season.
  • Habit: Climbing growth habit. Height of 8′ to 12′ (245 to 365 cm).
  • Disease susceptibility: very disease resistant.
  • Parentage: Bantry Bay x Altissimo

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