Nearly Wild

The Nearly Wild rose is an extremely hardy and strong growing pink floribunda, although you could be forgiven for mistaking it for one of the species roses you see growing in meadows and hedgerows. This pink Floribunda was first bred in 1941 by Brownell. Parentage is Dr W Van Fleet x Leuchstern.  Because of the … Read moreNearly Wild


The “official” version of Scentasia gives the color as light yellow to white. However, every specimen that I have seen has been white, with a yellow center, as seen in the accompanying photo. Also listed as “moderate fragrance”…again, this is at odds with my experience. I have found it to be quite strongly perfumed. Perhaps … Read moreScentasia

Burgundy Iceberg

Burgundy Iceberg, a sport of the parent plant that was discovered in Australia in 1998. Other than the color, it’s pretty well identical in form and habit to the original plant. Burgundy Iceberg While the White Iceberg has never been one of my favorite roses, I do have to admire the unusual color of this particular variety. … Read moreBurgundy Iceberg

Cocktail, Red Floribunda

You won’t often see this rose, it’s a little hard to obtain. But if you can get one, then it makes a great addition to any garden. While generally found as a shrub, you can train it to climb if you have the right conditions. Individually, these flowers are quite pretty, but nothing special. It’s … Read moreCocktail, Red Floribunda


Friesia is certainly one of the more flamboyant of the yellow roses. Thick leathery petals, a delightful perfume, and nice dark green foliage – this one has it all! I think this is one of the nicest scented roses that I know – although it can be very hard to pick out “just one” from … Read moreFriesia