Care Of Cut Roses

Some varieties last longer then others, but there are some practical ways to make rose flowers last longer. Try some of the ideas below to make your cut roses last longer.

It all starts at the moment of cutting … the best time of the day to cut roses is during mornings, while flowers are still not completely opened.

Always use clean and sharp tools to cut the flowers; this is very important not only to make the cut flower last longer, but especially to prevent diseases on the spot where the stem was cut. Try to cut above a leaf joint, a lateral stem or bud, to reduce disease risks and encourage growth on the plant. Cut stems around 30 cm / 12 inches long.

Secateurs (pruning shears) are the best tool for this job. Keep them sharp and wipe the blades after each time you use them. If you are looking to buy a new pair of secateurs, then I have one piece of advice, Don’t buy cheap rubbish! There is nothing worse than trying to prune your rose bushes with poor quality tools. Falco is probably THE benchmark in pruning shears…. a few dollars more, but they wil last you for many years.

If you want to have rose hips, for the attractive look and to attract birds to your garden, remember to leave some flowers on the plants, otherwise you will not get hips.

Make Your Cut Roses Last Longer

Red and white cut roses, with fern and camillia leaves

The roses in the photograph are white “Iceberg” and red “Deep Secret”, mixed with fern leaves and glossy camillia leaves. A simple arrangement, but stunning to look at, and also very fragrant. 

After cutting the stem from the plant, give it another cut at an angle, which will make it last longer. Remove leafs from the bottom of the stem and some people recommend also removing the thorns. A rose stripper is a good tool for this purpose.

Water: Don’t leave fresh cut flowers for long without water. This is especially important if you have a rose centerpiece. Change the water every 2-3 days and make sure there isn’t any leaf or petal left on the water, these would make the fresh water go stale. There are specific products to feed cut flowers, which you put in the water to help they last longer. A cheap and easy alternative is to add a bit of sugar to the water.

Avoid Fruit: Don’t put flowers near fruit, as fruit is in decomposition and so will help flowers die faster. All flowers last longer in clean and healthy environments.

Mix them with different plants in a rose vase for different decoration effects. Ferns are a classic choice. Use wire around the stem to make the rose stem stand up.

If you want to preserve your flowers, you can also learn  how to press roses