Abracadabra Rose


A small but pretty little red and yellow rose, Abracadabra is perhaps a bit disappointing when you compare a specimen with what you see in photographs. For those that say ‘size doesn’t matter’, let me assure you that in this case it does. The bush tends to be around knee height, spindly, with blooms that are decidly on the small side.

Abracadabra Color Variations

Some people dispute that there is actually any difference, and the truth is, it’s very hard to tell one from the other.

I had some conflicting reports on who and when this was first launched. Some say this is a Warriner variety that was released in 1992, with the parents the White Masterpiece and the Tribute; Others say this is a Kordes rose that was first rolled out in 2002 as a relative to the Hocus Pocus. (Update: Elton Treloar let us know that this is in fact a Kordes)

Hocus Pokus... or is it?
Hocus Pokus… or is it?

There are a few differences, although the actual blooms are extremly similar (if not identical). Also, the plants tend to grow to similar heights (about knee high). But here is one way to distinguish between them.

Abracadabra is classed as a blended Hybrid Tea. So you can expect single blooms on each stem, with somewhat pointed buds. Hocus Pocus is classed as Miniature, and can have 2-3 blooms per stem and more cupped buds.

If I were to get one of these, then I would probably opt for Abracadabra… the Hocus Pocus is an unstable sport and will often revert back to the parent (Black Beauty).