Hi, And Welcome To My Website

Website owner, AJ Allen
Website owner, AJ Allen

While I do love roses and enjoy growing tending and propagating them, I don’t have any formal qualifications in the field. I’m not a horticulturalist, I don’t have any degrees or certifications… I just happen to be somebody that likes roses. Perhaps much like you, I’m not an expert, though having grown and propagated them for many years, I’m not a novice either.

My background is actually in web and graphic design. I created this site from scratch at the end of 2006, sold it in 2010, and have recently purchased it back. I had missed the site ever since I sold it, and when the chance came along to buy it back in mid 2015, I decided to do it.

So while you might find the site doesn’t look as great as you would hope, or that the content isn’t as good as you might like, please bear with me. This is an ongoing project to lift the site back to it’s former glory, and it will take time to revise and overhaul all of the content.